The Japan Student Association was founded on three major aspects: Japanese culture, Purdue University campus, and Purdue students.

We aim to provide a social outlet to students in the context of Japanese culture. While the JSA is one of the largest and most diverse organizations at Purdue, we continue to maintain a unique social circle that is only matched with our ability to offer astounding Japanese cuisine in the form of cultural events.

Due to our highly diverse member population, we also offer the opportunity to practice Japanese with other members. For those who simply seek new activities, entertainment, and experiences, JSA is the organization to join.


  • 日本や日本文化の魅力をメンバーに紹介する。
  • 日本への留学、日英バイリンガルのための進路やインターンシップなどに関する重要な情報やアドバイスを共有する。
  • 新しい人々に出会い、新しい友達をつくる。パデュー大学の学生、教員、スタッフとの交流を深める。
  • パデュー大学の学生とパデュー大学の日本人・日本からの留学生の関係を深めるため。